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We have a team of qualified assessment practitioners with more than 20 years collective experience. We can select from a range of tests to suit positions at all levels, including tailored senior management and Chief Executive case studies.

Speed and Quality
All our assessment processes include narrative reports written by a psychologist (not computer generated).
Turnaround time for reports - 24 hours from test administration, urgent verbal feedback within 2 hours if required.

Tests we can offer:
Personality Profiles
The Occupational Personality Questionnaire is one of the most widely used profiles in business. It provides a full assessment of leadership, teamwork, relationship building and motivation preferences. It also offers the option of producing additional Belbin Team Types, Leadership Styles and Selling Styles profile charts.

The California Psychological Inventory - A comprehensive and specialised personality tool restricted to trained psychologists. The CPI will assess similar characteristics as the OPQ. We recommend using this tool for senior management positions or with candidates who are quite familiar with psychometric testing.

Sales and Service Indicator - A good test for sales reps, account managers and call centre operators. Measures telephobia, sales orientation, customer service orientation and relationship building skills. Option to administer the test in-house for high volume cost effectiveness.

Cognitive Ability Tests
We have more than 20 different types of ability tests from a range of publishers. The most commonly used tools are listed below. We are happy to discuss the most appropriate tools to suit your requirements.

- Watson Glaser Critical Thinking - for management level decision making and judgement
- SHL - Verbal Critical Reasoning - as above
- SHL - Numerical Critical Reasoning - tests the ability to interpret data and analyse trends.
- SHL - Advanced Managerial - Numerical Reasoning - tests ability to analyse percentages and profit.
- SHL - Advanced Managerial - Verbal Analysis - complex test of reasoning and judgement.
- Wonderlic - Problem Solving (IQ) - tests speed of learning and intellectual capacity.
- Ravens Standard and Advanced Progressive Matrices - a test of learning agility, logic and complex problem solving.