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Psychometric Assessment

H2R Consulting uses the most rigorous assessment tests on the market from a variety of test publishers. Depending on the critical competencies that need to be assessed for each role, the appropriate battery of assessment exercises is selected.

We have a range of difficulty levels for ability tests to ensure job relevant measures for a great diversity of positions. We utilise best-practice assessment processes during selection, development and when providing career assistance.

Using the Right Assessment Tests

Meaningful and valuable information can only be gained from assessment testing when appropriate tests and comparison groups are used. We take the time to understand our client’s need to ensure that the most appropriate tests are chosen. Because we are not tied to one test provider, we are able to offer a wide range of assessments from different test publishers. When an off-the-shelf product is not available to fit a certain situation, we have developed our own in-house solutions to meet our client’s particular needs.

We can offer the full range of tests from:

CEB Saville and Holdsworth - OPQ32r, Verbal, Numerical and Inductive Reasoning tests

Hogan Personality Inventory - Leadership Insights

Genesys - 15FQ+ personality profile, Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning tests

Quality and Timeliness
All our assessment processes include narrative reports written by a trained consultant or psychologist. Our reports are tied to the key competencies of the job (i.e. not computer generated).
The turnaround time for reports is 24 hours from test administration. Urgent verbal feedback is available within 6 hours if required.
Our feedback sessions with clients and candidates are an integral part of the assessment process. They add value and understanding for all parties involved in the process).

Computer Skills Assessments

We have available more than 100 different types of online computer-based skills tests for call centre, finance, legal, medical, industrial and clerical roles. We offer a comprehensive range of software applications to provide an accurate gauge of a person’s computer skills and their areas for development.

Australia and NZ based assessment specialists who provide 24 hour turnaround of results

Our team is located across Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington. We provide assessment services across Australia and New Zealand with high quality output and fast turnaround to keep the recruitment process moving. With our online tests, we can easily assess people in all international locations.