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Typically, outsourced recruitment is seen as a rigid service where a recruitment agency is utilised to ensure an end result; the placement. Here at H2R we now provide a Recruitment Menu that maintains the same professionalism and efficiency, but allows you the opportunity to buy this service in modules. Because a full search recruitment process may not always be required, this solution is highly cost effective and saves you from running the process and doing all the legwork yourself.

Control. Provides you, as the client, with full control over the recruitment process.
Cost effectiveness. You pay only for the work that is carried out on your behalf, and on a stage-by-stage basis.
Transparency. You are involved in the process at every stage and know exactly what has been done on your behalf and why.
Flexibility. The Recruitment Menu allows you to utilise the various stages in sequence through to hire, or as standalone components.
Capped Fees. To ensure you can only benefit from this option, we will cap the fees for the Recruitment Menu process to the equivalent of our standard search fees. This ensures that you can have two bites of the cherry without incurring any additional costs.
Switch Option. Because our ultimate goal is to ensure you successfully recruit the right person for your vacancy, you can at any time switch to our full database/contact search service if the advertising response does not yield the right people.
Rebate. If you decide to switch to H2R’s full search service, we will rebate the fees for the Menu process against our search service fees. (conditions apply)